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These are the five pillars that make your experience with our team most rewarding.


We strive for our patients to feel welcomed and always cared for, design a treatment plan to accommodate your needs and perform the necessary procedures in complete safety and based on the highest international scientific standards.


We believe it is in giving the best of us in every detail that we can finally achieve your satisfaction!



Medicine, including Plastic Surgery, before any commercial aspects, is intended to treat and improve the quality of life of people. Treatments should always be adjusted to the patient, and although there may be reference values for their cost, these values vary on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it makes sense to contextualize, clinically and in advance, the treatments that the patient desires.


Contact us by message or email, or request an appointment for consultation. We will give you a range of values for the costs related to the intended procedures. However, only with a formal consultation can the details of the case be discussed.


Our work philosophy is based on direct contact through digital media with your Surgeon - Dr. João Nunes da Costa.

Through Facebook or by email, the person who answers your questions is your Doctor, who can give thorough information and help you with your questions... There are no intermediaries, secretaries, nurses, physiotherapists on the other side, and that is why the answers to your most technical questions are better clarified.


A face-to-face medical consultation will always be necessary to assess your case definitively, but in many situations it is possible to give you a personalized quote without having to go to a "free evaluation consultation" with someone who is not a surgeon.


After your surgery is finished, that contact is maintained, even through mobile phone... a truly personalized service!