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What is it for?

Reduces male breast and excessively broad areolas to provide a masculine breast appearance


What does it mean?

There are several causes that lead to the appearance of an excessively bulky breast in man. However, in many cases the cause is unknown and this problem may arise during childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Known causes of enlargement of the glandular breast tissue include some types of tumours or hormonal and endocrine problems (which should be investigated), excessive consumption of anabolic steroids or alcohol and some medications, among others. Pseudogynecomastia is related to the increase of fat in the breast, usually in cases of obesity or post-obesity, in which the patient has a "sagging" breast. Surgical treatment usually requires liposuction, which can be complemented by direct excision of glandular tissue (usually more stiff and difficult to suction) and/or reduction of areolas. In extreme cases, there may also be a need to remove some skin, requiring a scar at the inframammary fold level


Procedure time

1h30 to 2h


Other procedures that can be associated

Abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, liposuction, thigh lift (cruroplasty)


Type of anaesthesia

General anaesthesia



Usually the scar is periareolar, i.e., along the edge of the areola. In extreme cases, there may also be a need to remove some skin, requiring a scar at the inframammary fold level



Usually 1 day in hospital



You can return to work in about 5-7 days as long as there is no weight lifting or exertion required. We recommend full arm lift to start only from week two onward. Sports activities can be performed after 6 weeks. You should also wear a compressive garment (recommended by our team) for 6 weeks. After a few months, the scars acquire a tone similar to the surrounding skin, becoming less noticeable


Most frequent problems and risks

Due to liposuction, there are usually bruises that disappear in 1-2 weeks and an easily tolerable discomfort, controllable with painkillers. Sometimes swelling or change in nipple sensitivity (increased or decreased) may occur. Less frequent are excessive scarring or hyperpigmentation of the scars, hematoma, and infection. The need for moderately aggressive liposuction can sometimes lead to minor irregularities in the chest surface that tend to improve over time or may be corrected in the future



The procedure is usually definitive


From 3500€